Windows Server 2008 Remote Control Questions

I have a couple Windows Server 2008 64-bit servers.  I use a Windows 7 laptop (via Remote Desktop Connection) to remote to them when I'm at the office and a Windows Server 2000 server that I use to remote to them (via Remote Desktop Connection) when I'm out of the office - use Symantec PCAnywhere to get to the Windows Server 2000 server to then be able to access the Windows Server 2008 servers.

Two issues:
  1)  Instead of doing a terminal session, I'd like to be able to control the server as if I'm at the server itself.  I've tried using both the /admin and /console switches on mstsc but this didn't help.
  2)  If the server is restarted, I can't connect to it.  I have to first go to the server and login.  After logging in at the server, then I can remotely access it.

Thoughts?  Thanks!
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
The /admin switch is effectivly the console.

It is odd that you have to log into the server locally before you can rdp to it, this is not normal behaviour for 2008 have you patched it? looked for any event log issues? if you tackle this then the above should be fine for your usage.

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sfsdtcAuthor Commented:
I'll check into the updates.  I know one of the servers hasn't been updated in a while but the others have been updated fairly recently.

Maybe I'm missing the point as to what the Remote Desktop can do.  I was thinking that with the /admin switch that if, for example, I select another icon on the desktop that the server's monitor would show that icon being selected as well.  Should it be doing this?
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
No it is effectivly a closed session so it cannot be snooped, but you do not have the isssues with some functionality that you might get not using the switch, using the switch will also show as the last logged in user etc.

You may need to use something like ultravnc for what you want maybe?

sfsdtcAuthor Commented:
Okay, sounds like I misunderstood the purpose of the /admin switch.  I did notice that when I use it and am logged onto the server as the same user I want to log onto from remote that the server monitor goes into a locked state (shows CTRL+ALT+DEL message).  So, maybe that will work for what I need.

I tried the UltraVNC but it doesn't allow me to log onto the server.  I saw some posts about that issue but haven't followed up on them yet.  I'll try the mstsc /admin for a while.  If that doesn't meet my needs, I'll try the UltraVNC route again.  I will also look into the KVM over IP option - like the idea that I could access BIOS-level.

Thanks for your help!  I'll leave this open until tomorrow in case anyone wants to add something then I'll close this question.
There are also RAC cards that will allow you to power on and off the system remotely.  Dell in particular has what they call the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) card it is a wonderful device especially if you do not have anyone on site! power on off, Restart etc...  
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