Long running requests in ColdFusion

At work, we have FusionReactor and there are some services written in CF that have long running requests a couple of times a day. The requests terminate anywhere from 300,000ms to 800,000 ms and I am not sure why they're "hanging".

CPU is running at an average of 20-30% and ram is about 24% so the server isn't taxed very much.

Here is where the thread is hanging.

Any insight as to what java.net.socketoutputstream.socketwrite0 is or anything else about this would be most helpful.

Andrew MaurerAsked:
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azadisaryevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i have not worked with FusionReactor in a while, but does it not tell you which template is causing the issue?

from what i could gather by extensive googling, SocketOutputStream is an extension of FileOutputStream.
it can hang/block when a client (receiving end) closes the connection before the server finished sending data. slow network connection, TCP socket problems and extensive low-level logging can also cause this.

do these services of yours write large data to files or serve then to client (i.e. download recordset as csv file) or something like this?
do you know what is the request timeout set on the receiving end? is it long enough to serve all the data?

i would also check application and exception logs on the cf server and search for jrpp-35 thread around same time FR shows the hanging thread - there may be more info in those logs...

i would also suggest you post this question on cf-talk list (http://www.houseoffusion.com/groups/cf-talk/) - there are a lot more developers there who are familiar with FR and low-level stacks. someone there might have encountered exactly this issue before...

What is the DB ur using and how u created the connection in cfadmin
Andrew MaurerAuthor Commented:
@srikanthmadishetti - it has nothing to do with the DB

@azadisaryev - yes every hung thread like this has to do with a large amount of xml data being transmitted.

Not sure about the timeout on the client side.. I would guess its plenty of time though.

I'll check the logs and if it keeps happening, i'll hit-up houseOfusion. Thanks!
@zadoc - My point in asking the DB conncetion was  AFAIK  it also depends on the kind of connection we make like ODBC / JDBC driver etc .

Any way if you feel ur DB connection is not an ISSUE  then check what Azadi suggested.
Andrew MaurerAuthor Commented:
Thanks but some of these hung requests have zero JDBC time/activity. Others show the JDBC time executed within a reasonable amount of time.

Also I am pretty sure that socketWrite is a java output method.
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