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I have two ELO touch screen monitors (one above the other).  The top monitor wasn't working several months ago (and I thought it was a bad power cable); but that wasn' t the issue.  After being turned off for several months; yesterday it was plugged in and configured (in the display settings) to be an extended top monitor; and it worked again.  This morning it is back off and isn't working.  I moved the cables into different ports and it still didn't work.  I tried plugging the cable for BOTH touch screen monitors into another monitor (that I knew worked) and it wouldn't load a picture (only the self test screen).  When I put the cables back in the ports both monitors weren't working.  I then switched the cables (thinking maybe it is a bad card) in the ports and then the bottom monitor was working again.

The top monitor has sound and will beep when the screen is touched and the mouse will disappear when moved up to the top of the screen.

I am so confused as to what the problem is; and I need some help!  I thought it was the monitor, then the port, then the cable; but then why would it work sometimes?

Thanks in advance!!
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You are trying to diagnose too many things at one time. First test the monitors one at a time in one of the ports. If neither comes on try the other port. Test them thoroughly. If one of the monitors fails you found the problem.
If they both work try updating or at least reinstalling the display drivers then connect both monitors and test.
JeffersonCountyITAuthor Commented:
I did do these scenarios slowly and tested each time for each item (monitor, cables, ports) and that is why I am confused because sometimes it would work and other times it doesn't.  

Which one of these would work some times?  Like I said even though there is no picture on the monitor there is sound.  If I move the cable into the other port it makes no difference. (I think that it was a fluke that it worked for 16 hours, because I haven't been able to make it work since then.)
It is not likely that a monitor and a display adapter would fail at the same time. So if you can't get the monitor to work in either port I think it would be safe to assume the monitor has to be replaced, or repaired.
I have never run into a VGA cable that failed to the point of not displaying anything on the monitor. Normally it will stop showing one of the three colors.
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JeffersonCountyITAuthor Commented:
Sorry I guess I should have said that it was a DVI cable.  Does that make any difference?  Is it possible that the cable going from the monitor to the PC isn't getting the picture to the monitor and only the sound?  Because when I had moved the cables around (one of the times) the bottom monitor went black, but had sound (I tried to recreate this scenario and it only did it that once, if I try to connect the top monitor cable from the PC port to the bottom monitor PC port, I get picture and sound.)  When I had switched the cables back to the original ports (on the back of the PC) the top monitor was out and the bottom monitor was working again.
See why it is so confusing?!?
That's kind of hard to follow but I believe the top monitor never works and except for that 1 time the bottom one always works. If that's correct the top monitor is the problem.
You might also have a touchy cable that makes things confusing but the big issue is the top monitor. I have very limited experience with DVI cables.

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JeffersonCountyITAuthor Commented:
I am in te process of ordering a new monitor to replace the top monitor and with a new monitor comes new cables; which I believe will fix both issues.

Thanks for responding and working with me on this issue!
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