Services Fail To Start on XP Pro SP3

Folks have a Dell Vostro 1510 running XP Pro SP3, IE8. OS boots and allows user to login and then a number of application errors appear e.g. "Notification dll has not been registered program will not work correctly", Dell support agent unable to launch and other errors relating to RPC service. When I check services (services.msc) the extended tab does not display any services at all. Under standard tab there are only 15 services running. Any attempt to start a service results in "Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start" or "Error 2: file could not be found". There is also odd behaviour in that Properties dialogue screens don't appear at all, I can see event log entries but cannot display them. I have no access to Internet as Network folders is empty and while I can use Dell Wireless to see a wireless AP it cannot connect as DHCP service won't start. Using USB tried to reinstall SP3 but get a crytographic service error. I have searched this forum and looked at some of the solutions and tried some of the suggested approaches but to no avail. With no network connectivity I have to try and download stuff to another PC and transfer by USB. Some of the stuff won't run because of services not running. Have removed hard disk and checked for viruses etc.

Usual stuff applies in that I don't have original XP CD nor can I access the folder of the other user account on the PC (C:\Documents And Settings) to copy data. I get access denied and of course User Accounts under Control Panel does not display at all.

Your mission should you choose to accept it...  any suggestions before I accept the inevitable and re-burn the disk with an OS.

Thank you.
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B HCommented:
absolutely - you have mcafee installed right?
mcafee torched millions of computers last week, with your exact symptoms

see here for a fix:

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morganmiAuthor Commented:
Byron, thank you for the link. Unfortuately not all of the elements of the suggested process worked e.g. Malwarebytes threw up runtime error 372 and with zero network services I couldn't access the Internet for some of the other suggestions like F-Secure etc. However your comment "mcafee torched..." was helpful in that the PC is running McAfee and I went to their site as I wasn't aware of the "false-positive issue!" The link provided a utility which I downloaded and executed in safe mode and as if by magic the PC appears to be working correctly again - services, access to the Internet etc.

Many thanks for your help. Not sure how the points work on this site but they are yours for being so quick in the door with a response and the nugget of info that helped solved the problem.
B HCommented:
if you would like to accept my comment as the answer, go ahead and click 'accept as answer' by my comment and fill out the little form :)

you'll really like this site, experts are here just waiting for you to ask a really hard question so we can get the answer to you.  this helps us get more knowledge for ourselves, gives us a good feeling for helping people, and gets us points, which turns into rank, which turns into free stuff like tshirts and other trinkets :)
morganmiAuthor Commented:
Suggested solution plus following URL provided complete resolution of the issue.

Thank you.
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