the system cannot log you on because the domain is not available

I am unable to login to my XP pro desktop.  I am getting the message that the system cannot log you on because the domain is not available.  This machine is not connected to the domain any longer but I thought I should still be able to login.
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B HCommented:
if the password was cached, it will let you in... but some admins put a group policy to disable this.

try logging on as the local administrator with a blank password
under 'options' make it say "this computer" and not the domain
You need a local log in to get in at this point. Your machine is still technically joined to the domain, until you remove it from the domain. Right click, My Computer->Properties->Computer Name->Move it to a work group.

What you need to do now is either:
A) Acquire the local administrator password
B) Use a password recovery tool such as ERD commander, [Admin Edit] or UBD to change the admin password.

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Hurricane4Author Commented:
Yeah... tried that... and no dice.  I am assuming that it is something to do with the GP... if that is the case do I have any other options?  Tnx!
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and yes, as mentioned above, you need to select "this computer" and not the domain when logging in under the local account.
B HCommented:
at this point you need a boot cd that will reset the local administrator password for you... here's an easy one:

Use the Offline NT password and registry editor
run the utility enable the local admin account if needed and then blank the password

This is included on the Ultimate Boot CD.
 I would recommend downloading and burning an ISO of this disk (replaces a box full of old boot disk utilities)
It can be either secure channel has been broken or dns issue.

Rejoin the system into domain by cleaning old entries of machine & see to it NIC is update with latest driver.
Hurricane4Author Commented:
Tried the Offline NT password utilitly but with no luck... I am gong to run it again... I am sure it was me not running it right....
The best way to reset the admin pssword is to use Erd2005 or Erd 2007. It has a password locksmith feature that works 100% of the time. You can the log into the computer (local computer, not domain) and un-join the domain.
B HCommented:
i dont think he wants to shell out $300 for ERD he's only going to use one time...

in the offline password reset cd i mentioned, basically all you have to do is hit enter a few times, pick the administrator account, and give it a password

be careful at the end when it says "about to write changes, do it?"  answer yes to that
Hurricane4Author Commented:
Thank you all for you assistance and support!  ERD was the one that worked first try without issue!  Offline Password Ut. did not work after multiple attempts.  Again... thank you!
B HCommented:
Hurricane4Author Commented:
What is that about?

All -
I deleted a reference to a certain well-known CD
It contains pirated (stolen) applications and we do not allow any reference to it on our forum.

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Hurricane4Author Commented:
Was this something that I posted?  Can you tell me what was said... I am intrigued now...?
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