How do I remove trojan.fakeav

I can't  download any software program to fix this virus because the virus rerouting the browser to a antivirus site and wants you to purchase the software.  I did download sypware doctor on the server from a different computer.  Went to the effected computer, downloaded spyware doctor but will not load, can't scan for viruses. It seems like any program I double click on nothing happens.  Please help.  Windows XP
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You up-to-date anti-virus program should be able to remove the FaveAV virus variants.

You can also do it manually:

Trojan.FakeAV!gen has been detected in these files:
If you have the following files on your system with the corresponding md5's you are most likely infected. You can remove Trojan.FakeAV!gen by deleting the files.
If you are not 100% sure of how to check md5 signatures or is it a critical system file you should not delete it yourself, it would be better to use an antivirus program.

Filename  MD5
WP0b77.exe  7862f3e671f22b93c18a5ebdf2d5120a  
WP28d1.exe  7862f3e671f22b93c18a5ebdf2d5120a  
WP4648.exe  543e7787861670b8471181a883038797  
WP5c69.exe  523a182504ce9ea68e1939d3a290286d  
WP65b6.exe  b26427e502ee2569d313fcd534da5f42  
WP858d.exe  92daf9405cfd85e1ad791935caef0032  
WP8c07.exe  0cb3e6e207482cddbbdb548baa3c775b  
WP9fd5.exe  4229a9f7867d750a15b6fe7c383ad22e  
WPa725.exe  455c69a7acdeb87fc2304451e8a5c889  
WPb473.exe  92daf9405cfd85e1ad791935caef0032  
WPc0ef.exe  1899de9cd15cfad4289f065bf549c7ee  
WPd8da.exe  b8367a880ced906fdfb26e68478d0bf5  
WPdccb.exe, ReleaseXP[1].exe  db50541ff7a46ddeb64fbccdb3bea9d9  
WPe1be.exe  0cb3e6e207482cddbbdb548baa3c775b  
WPf2d6.exe  db50541ff7a46ddeb64fbccdb3bea9d9  
WPf7dd.exe  523a182504ce9ea68e1939d3a290286d  

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1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode With Networking
2. Download and install MalwareBytes (
3. Let it update, then run a full scan
4. Let it delete anything it found and restart the PC
Download MalwareBytes Perform a complete scan, Additionally Download SpybotS&D
After you run the above in same order. Finally Scan with HitmanPro

If you are interested in the Technical Details of The Trojan

Hope this helps!

I tell ya, I hate that AVE.exe. The best thing to do is to is run windows system restore and take windows back to its last clean state before the virus hit. Then run the scans to clean up the remains.

Ave.exe causes some serious mayhem.  It modifies the exe's paths in the registry, hooks into the hosts file, adds itself as a hidden system file.  if you have the 2010 version of ave (xp, vista antivirus, or antispyware or whatever it decides to call itself) power button, use xp's system restore backup to recover.
dczech1995Author Commented:
Did restore computer to a date prior to the virus.  Virus still there, ran malwarebytes multiple times, finally worked.  Had to use a flashdrive with malwarebytes on it and install on infected computer.  Did not have to manually delete files within the registry.  This virus is a nasty virus.
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