Microsoft Dynamics 2.0 rms credit card processing

Can anyone give me a step by step process on how to setup Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 to process credit cards?  I have a mag swiper hooked up and functioning. I need to know how to make the software send transactions.  Do I need to have a third party software?

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I'm not familiar with MS Dynamics, but most likely Yes, you will need 3rd party software.  Your merchant account provider should be your primary source of assistance.  They will need to help you put your merchant account number into whatever software you use.  They will also provide you with guidance on PCI compliance.  If you are not familiar with PCI compliance, google that phrase before you think about processing credit cards on your computer--you might decide stand-alone terminals are a better solution.
jeffreychorbaAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  they are assisting me.
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