Silverlight Gridview?

I am very new to Silverlight and i cannot seem to figure out howto get a gridview into the silverlight page and set the datasource..

Maybe i am looking at this wrong but i have seen many examples of this online but i cannot seem to get this right in my project.

If you can help that would be awesome!!!

I am Very well versed with and VB.  So i am not completely incompetent with
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phoenixfire425Author Commented:
I looked at both of these links and i am still very confused about this.

Both of the link were talking about XML databinding..

I am looking to Pull Data From a SQL DB.
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phoenixfire425Author Commented:
I am not using Telerik Controls.
I guess i cannot really understand how this works because all of these examples are using XML Queries and i want to use SQL.

Is it possible that i can see an example of an actual grid with the SQL query of

SELECT     item_id, item_desc, extended_desc
FROM         dbo.p21_view_inv_mast
WHERE     (delete_flag = 'N')

and the connection string.
the SQL server just make it SQL_Server
User: TEST

Thank You
phoenixfire425Author Commented:
copyPasteGhostCommented: will lead you to  ScottGu's blog. it contains a 8 part tutorial about silverlight. Databinding is in there. check it out!

Aaron JabamaniTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Show us your code, we can take it further from there.
In my knowledge, Silverlight can not directly connect to databases. The best way of getting data in a silverlight app is to use WCF services.

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