Blackberry/Office 2007 authentication issue w/ SBS 2008

I have 4 Blackberry devices connecting through Outlook Web Access to my SBS 2008 server. I recently updated exchange to sp2.

In order to get the BB's to authenticate, I disable windows authentication and enable basic authentication on the EWS folder in IIS. But as soon as I disable windows authentication I get Office 2007 prompting for the user id/password. I applied sp2 to hopefully eliminate the prompting from office 2007.

Seems like I can have one or the other but not both.

Mark Richter
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Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
None of my customers haves have Blackberry's, but are you aware that Blackberry is giving away a free express version of BES which will run on SBS 2008  
Mariette Knap, SBS MVP and co founder of has published and excellent article on how to install properly on SBS 2008

This should give you the best of both worlds

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BES is the best way to go but usually the first CAL is free then the rest are bout $100 per phone, i like the management utilities with the phone and it sync's calendars, events and allows you to update everything by your phone.

One thing you can try with the authentication are you simply putting in the username only or are you putting in the domain\username then their password.  I never had a problem with OWA and blackberry using windows authentication.
stonycreekAuthor Commented:
CrisHanna, I am aware of the BES Express version. However I'm hesitant to install it with out knowing what kind of performance effect it will have on my server.

Uescomp, are you using Exchange 2007? I didn't have a problem with sbs 2003 until installing a new server with sbs 2008.

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Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
I wish I could speak more to that.
How much RAM in your server and how many total users?   Any other line of business apps on the server?
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Please find IIS authentication type and the SSL requirement for Exchange 2007.
1) Autodiscover: Basic and Integrated authentication   SSL Required
2) EWS : Integrated authentication                     NO SSL
3) Exadmin : Basic and Integrated authentication       NO SSL
4) Exchange : Basic and Integrated authentication      SSL Required
5) Exchweb : Basic and Integrated authentication       NO SSL
6) Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync: Basic authentication   SSL Requied.
7) OAB : Integrated authentication                     NO SSL
8) OWA : Basic authentication                          SSL Required
9) Public : Basic and Integrated authentication        SSL Optional

After that restart IIS service and check it.
BES has little impact on performance and we are running 10 phones because all it does is redirects mail and calander info to the phone, also I was using server 2003 and did not have exchange 2007, however what SatyaPathak posted above should clear up your issue with authentication.  

Nice one SatyaPathak.
stonycreekAuthor Commented:

As soon as I switch EWS from basic to integrated the Blackberry fails to log in and validate. So it seems that the BB cannot get thru the integrated authentication.


6 GB running SBS2008 and hosting quickbooks so not a huge load.


I was concerned that the BES express would be a load on the server. What kind of horsepower does your server have that is hosting the BES? Is it 2003 or SBS2003? Is exchange on the same box or is it dedicated to BES?


Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
I would certainly bump the RAM to 8GB  6 is pretty low unless you have less than 5 users.
I loaded it on the domain controller which is a Power Edge SC1425 with 1gb ram and a 2.8 Xeon processor, we just recently bumped the ram a couple days ago to 4gb (just for fun).  But overall it is a pretty light program and it lets you manage your phones, you can lock,format, and more with BES
stonycreekAuthor Commented:
I will be installing BES express in the next week or so. None of the solutions really solved the problem but they were workarounds. I've split the points to be fair.

Thanks for all of your help.
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