Cisco AnyConnect slows down the the computer

I have a user on Windows XP SP3 who is using Cisco AnyConnect 2.4.1012 to connect to a client network.  The moment he establishes a connection, his entire machine (not just network operations) becomes incredibly slow.  We have several other users in the environment using AnyConnect for the same client connection without any problems.

There doesn't appear to be anything out-of-the ordinary when monitoring the performance tabs in Task Manager, and McAfee Enterprise, as far as I can tell, isn't freaking out.  I also haven't seen anything in the event logs, but perhaps I'm missing something.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I would verify that you are up to date on all SW, OS SW as well as the latest anyconenct SW, you are a little behind.

harbor235 ;}
iccadminAuthor Commented:
Solution has worked with other configurations, but this particular problem was linked to corruptions in the Windows OS.  
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