transferring / syncing Windows Mobile Calendar settings / Reminders to Android PDA phone

I currently have a Samsung i780 running Win Mobile & I just got a new Motorola Dext
running Android.

I heard I can sync Win Mobile''s Contact to Outlook & then from Outlook sync the Contacts
to Android.

Need steps / instructions on how I can do the same for Calendar settings (Todo items) &

Both the PDA cell phones (Samsung & Motorola) comes with microSD card if this is of
any help in doing this transfer
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You should be able to utilize Activesync to retrieve your information from the Samsung.

I found, "You can import any Microsoft Outlook file as a .CSV (Windows, Comma Seperated Value) directly to gmail"

Also interesting reading:

(But I'm sure you have already see what google has to say... :) )
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Any takers ?
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