How do I set up router into existing network

I have a network with the ip address scheme to Subnet mask is current Default gateway is

however I have just had a router installed with an IP address of and subnet mask

How do I get this to work on my existing network of IP addresses ( - 250)

Please can you advise further ?

Also I have been told I have an additional 8 static IP addresses that I can use ?  How can I use these?

Please can you help as I am new to this ?


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Hi, I am assuming that this router that you are adding is an internet router that is to connect your 192 network to the internet or to another private network/business partner.  

You will need to set the IP address of the internal interface (Fast Ethernet or Ethernet) to be on the 192 network so the inside users can see it.  Then a default route needs to be set to INTERFACE*  I typed the word INTERFACE because that is where you need to type in the interface that has the 87.x address on it.

ensure that routing is enabled (it should be by default).  You will need to set the inside interface to nat inside and the outside (lets just call it serial 0/1) to nat outside.  You can setup a list of pool addresses and then set an outside source, but I suggest that you lookup the correct NAT commands on Cisco's web site (I am assuming that this is a Cisco router).  

I know that these are fairly high level instructions, but without anymore information, there is little to do here.  Please provide model and interface information if possible.  Also, if possible, provide a running config and be sure to mask out the public information before posting.  

As far as the other 8 IP's that you have to use.  I am assuming that you are referring to the other public 87.x addresses that you have available to you from your ISP.  Granted this seems odd, only because if the ISP issued you a /29 you would have 8 IP's with 6 useable.  If they gave you a /28 then of course you would have 16 IP's with 14 useable.  So I am thinking that you are looking at a /29 and you only have 6 useable external IP's.  Be sure to know which is which.  The ends are unusable as the low one is the network ID of the subnet issued by the ISP and the upper IP is the broadcast for the subnet.  Just some FYI for you there.

Please let us know more info before proceeding.

oh, I just saw your mask, and you do have a /28.  This means that you have 14 usable internet addresses unless they cut you off at a block of 8.  This would be unusual as you normally get what you pay for.  
sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:

I have just checked the router it is a router one access one80 ?

How would I go about configuring it ?


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sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
The information provided by the link was of limited help
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