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I have a request where a Manager is trying to delegate permissions to a user, so from their Outlook client, they went into Options and onto the Delegate tab, added the specific user with the permissions on the sreenshoot below.

On the delegated user's Outlook client, do I need to add the manager's mailbox so that it appears there?

I have done this, but the user cannot seem to access the mailbox, is there any other settings that are required for this to work?

Once the delegate permissions are set, what needs to be done on the Client's computer?
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It's not necessary to do that in Active Directory. You should be able to right click on the Mailbox for the manager and choose Properties. Make sure that the folder is visible to the user you are providing Delegate Access to.

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
You also need to setup the user on that Managers mailbox in AD.

Right click > Properties
Exchanged Advanced.
Mailbox Rights
Set the delegated users name to Read + Full mailbox access

Should be able to open the Managers mailbox now.
mirdeAuthor Commented:
I don't seem to have the "Exchange Advanced" tab in my AD?

Is there a plug-in for this?

Can it be done through Exchange Management Console? (This is not the same as Manage Full Access Permission is it? because that would give full rights to everything...)
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Its not the same as Full Access.

In Users and Computers screen in AD you dont have the Properties>Exchange Advanced options when going to a user?
mirdeAuthor Commented:
That worked, I had to right click on the Manager's Mailbox and go into permissions, and add that person as a "reviewer", then on her mailbox, his Calendar, Tasks and only the Inbox showed up.
mirdeAuthor Commented:
This was the missing step.
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