freeware call & SMS message blocker / firewall for Android PDA cell phone

Anyone can give me links of where I can download freeware app for Android that
can block SMS messages that comes from a certain telephone number?  A blocked
message should not trigger any ring tone / vibration and ideally sort of not being
listed (but moved to "Delete folder" or better still to microSD storage)

I'm using Motorola Dext.

As I receive dozens of SMS messages from the computer servers that
I support and sometimes sales call from Unknown numbers, ideally, this
 SMS message blocker / firewall has the added feature of

a) blocking SMS based on a certain search keyword  that was received (eg: if
    the SMS message contains the word "Insurance" then reject it)

b)if it blocks calls from a specified telephone numbers as well

If no freeware is available, those payable ones can be suggested as well
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Android Firewall by Lucky-dog Xing seems to be the leader in this effort.  They have a free app and the paid one is only $2.  Version 2.1.2 of the paid app says "Hide selected numbers' Call/SMS"
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Thanks.  I've sign up an account there but after login, hv difficulty tracking
the "Download" button to download this app.

The closest I've got is :
Sunhux, On your phone access the Google Android Market.  Search "Firewall".  When I do this Android Firewall by Luck-dog Xing (their $2 app) appears first and aFirewall, their free app, appears fifth.
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