Exchange Public Calendar not showing correctly on 1 workstation

Hi guys,

I've got one workstation with Outlook 2007 not displaying the public calendar correctly.  There are duplicate entries and the events are on the wrong date / isn't updating.

The workstation is hard-wired into the network, there are no outlook connection issues, messages are coming through fine.  All other outlook 2003/2007 clients are able to view this calendar alright.  The permissions are fine because viewing the calendar via OWA under his account works just fine.  

I can't figure out what is wrong.  The only real variable in this is this guy has a Blackberry that he connects to synchronize, but that shouldn't affect anything on the public calendar right??  I've tried a new profile, I've tried cached and non-cached modes, and I've checked folder settings to ensure its not downloaded as a favorite.  Any ideas everyone?
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Did you delete his outlook profile or windows profile? Try renaming his windows profile to.old and log into the domain again, see if that helps.
Maniac_47Author Commented:
I have deleted and created a new profile and I've tried creating his outlook account under a different profile with the same results.

I've created another outlook profile for another user on the same machine and that one has the calendar displaying correctly, so I'm guessing something is wrong with his "exchange account".  I don't think it can be rights or permissions because it views just fine in OWA with all the correct behavior.

Again, I've tried non-cached/cached on new profiles and on different windows accounts.  Any other ideas?

Thanks for the response, I'm dying here
dual entries u say? It has to be the setting on his blackberry. and I bet he synchs with a cord everyonce in a while as well. kill his blackberry synch and redo it (unfortunately I dont remember what that setting is called I switched to iPhone a few months ago). I had this once when I was connecting my blackberry to the computer to transfer music with a cord it asks you how you want to synch with your computer and if you select this option it warns you of double entries to contacts and calendar entries, i bet you he just clicked ok and didnt read it. If that is the case you will have to clean up those entries manually on his machine. but after you redo his synch create another entrie and see if that comes through as a duplicate.
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Maniac_47Author Commented:
This is for a public calendar, not a personal calendar.  He has read only rights on the calendar so he can't add or delete anything and the BB account wouldn't enter into an Exchange public calendar.

I can only see this behavior with his account, Should there be some specific account settings in AD that I should be looking for?
do you have BES? how does his blackberry synch?
also, does he have blackberry desktop manager?
Maniac_47Author Commented:
He has BB Desktop Manager, no BES.

I've got more information from f'n with it more. This calender is nested under another calender:

Public Calendar
|---->Management Calendar

I created another Calender in the same location (Management Calendar 2) and it does the exact same thing for his user account.  It moves the items to a different date and doesn't show correctly.  The "Public Calendar" works fine for him, there's no issues with it.

Is there a goofy view setting or something else that might be causing this?  The events I created for the Management 2 calendar for testing was an event on Tuesday at 9:30-11, and 2 events Thursday one in the monring and one in the afternoon.  They all grouped into Weds (all 3), which doesn't make any sense to me at all.
try to log him in on another comuter where BB Desktop Manager is not installed.
Maniac_47Author Commented:
I've now set him up on several different machines without any change in behavior, they still show duplicates and items on the wrong dates.

Again, This has to be something wrong with his account, right?  I can't get it to do this for any other user (no matter which computer they are on, his or others).  His issue persists on multiple machines.

Also, Again, this is a public calendar so nothing configured within his account or outlook should be causing this.  Can anyone help?
Maniac_47Author Commented:
Just as a follow up:

Here is what Monday shows (the attachement).  Test = Monday, Test 2 = Tuesday, Test 3 = Thursday.

All of these appointments are set for the days above, but they all show up on Monday....If you double click the entry it correctly reports the date, but won't show it correctly on the calendar.


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