Install winxp scsi drive without floppy drive

I Have a panasonic laptop CF-52 (tOUGHBOOK), and i m getting the message of
\windows\system32\config\system is missing or corrupt, so I tried to repair Windows from the original CD, but it doesn't recognize the hard drive (scsi) I didn't hit F5 to install the drive cause I DON'T have a floppy installed NOR a USB floppy.  How can I load the SCSI drivers without a floppy.  I don't have access to use an external computer with SCSI, so I would need to repair from my laptop  :(
I would need to download drivers, etc. etc.
I DO have access to create an installation disk for WINXP (cd burner)
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you'll need to download the drivers specific to your scsi(?) or sata controller, and add them to a slipstream of xp that you can create easily using this:
bryons44035v3's method is the only way I know of.
From what you've described you will need to create and XP install disk. I have yet to find a way to get xp install to except any other drive other than a floppy for a third party driver install. If there is anyone else out there that knows how to get XP to use another drive other than a floppy during install I would like to know that as well.

I have had great success using nLite to slipstream any drivers or service packs into an xp install. The program can create an installation disk or and ISO if you choose. takes you directly to the download.
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Panicsonic is going to have an OEM windows CD with all of the drivers.  You probably lost it long ago, but worth contacting them to get another.  The only other alternatives are to:

1. Go to windows7, which FINALLY allows you to install the O/S with add-on drivers on a USB stick rather than a floppy.  Obviously, make sure Windows7 works on that laptop.
2. Slipstream a custom CD with the nlite (link supplie by bryon)

Also check the consistency of your hard drive and do a ram test...
here is what to do :
you can slipstream the scsi drivers, but also SP3 :
crescueAuthor Commented:
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