Windows Easy Transfer for windows 7 - do you use it? Does it move too much junk

replacing 2 xp pro machines with 2 new win 7 machines, the person bought the belkin easy transfer cable.  normally, I'll just copy all the files from the old machine into a folder called 'fromOldPC' on the new machine.  Lots of times there's settings / files in program files, the root of C that people need.  And I'll manually drag / drop favorites, my docs, music, PST, etc.  very manual process.

this easy transfer was, very easy : )

But it brought over user accounts that hadn't been used for years.  and lots of things in username/application data, etc.

Who uses easy transfer vs. manual process?  If you use easy transfer, do you think it brings over too much junk but it's easy?  Or some other reason?

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try this tool once its nice!

I would say that you clean up the XP machine's profiles, unused programs, do a disk cleanup, clear your IE cache, and then do the transfer with the Belkin Easy Transfer wizard.  If you have it already you might as well use it.  

Moving user accounts one by one will only result in incomplete profiles.  The Belkin utility actually transfers all files created by that user and appropriates ownership accordingly.  
Personally, I do all profile migrations either by my own scripts (similar to USMT, but only gets what I want it to), or do it by hand....

As long as you get the main folders (favs/mail/%appdata%\Microsoft etc...) and any .reg keys youre good to just use two side by side explorer windows, and drag them over.....

It starts off with a lot less junk in thier profiles. Then just dump whatever in the C: drive for a backup, and let the user remediate that......
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I guess my biggest concern is how many people use the workstation(s) in question for the upgrade?
I agree with johnb6767, stick with the basics if you are familiar with them, or use the built in migration tool without belkin.
My practice is first thing first, check original before migrating over. Ask questions, clean accounts on workstation / laptop and AD (Active Directory).
Are you able to delete the user profiles that are not needed without screwing up the registry if they depend on shared files or programs?
IamStumpedAuthor Commented:
What did you mean by 'without belkin.' ?  How do you move the data over?  You don't like the belcon cable?  A different brand?
The files for the desktop, favorites, start menu, my documents are the same on windows 7 but just under c:\users instead of c:\documents and settings\

Just move them from one machine to another using ext hard drive, peer to peer, DVD, flash dive, etc.
did you try tools from here?
Personally, I liked Belkin when they first came out, but now days their product has not really been dependable. Especially recently with them having to recall a bunch of surge protectors that have caused some fires.
They have also lacked in their quality of cables. :(
Just my opinion.
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