All Of a Sudden cant access Fle Share using FQDN

I have a network server running Windows Server 2008, that I use for a file share. ALl of a sudden I can not access it from other PC's on the network, usnig the FQDN. I can access if if use the IP address like 192.168.168...

But if I try using \Server\... it does not work
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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Most probably that is due to DNS settings.

On CLIENT computer:
- clear DNS cache using dommand IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
- check which DNS you have as your primary - should be your SERVER's or ROUTER's IP as your primary DNS
- check if you have "file and Printer Sharing" enabled under LAN connection properties
- test via command prompt with "NSLOOKUP Server" command and with "PING Server" command; both should report the same IP of the server
seamus99Author Commented:
When I do NSLOOKUP SERVER it comes saying non-existent Domain.
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