Is there a utility to change the reported Windows XP Service Pack number?

I am trying to install Transas 3000i on a clients computer. They have a totally fresh Windows XP SP3 install (from XP SP3 OEM CD), but Transas has a checker on the setup startup that reports back that it needs Windows XP SP2 to install. I believe this program was written before SP3 was out, but instead of having a requirement for a minimum version, it has a requirement for a specific version. I don't want to completely resetup the computer, find an XP SP2 disk, etc. Is there a utility that would let me modify what SP version Windows reports to the install program so I can force install this program anyhow?

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ssittigAuthor Commented:
Well, I solved this problem today.

The first solution didn't work, because that registry key doesn't exist in a fresh setup for Windows XP SP3 OEM.

The second one seemed promising, but the program still sensed that it was running SP3 somehow.

The last was closest to the pin. The setup.exe could be run with a -e2w switch, which converts fatal errors to warnings in whatever application the setup.exe was written in, allowing me to bypass the forced exit.

Thanks for your help!
I'm not sure it'll work, buy you can try. Backup your registry files first!
In regedit, rename


to SP2
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Try this:
1. Download and install the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 (from the Microsoft website)
2. Start->Programs->Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5->Compatibility Administrator
3. Click the "Fix" button at the top (if it is greyed out you may need to make a new custom database first and select it.)
4. A create new application fix wizard will appear.
5. Wizard - Program Information screen: Name of application and name of vendor don't matter too much, put anything there. For program file location, browse to the setup program on the CD-ROM. Click Next.
6. Wizard - Compatibility Modes screen: By default "Microsoft Windows 95" will be selected. Change this to "None" and click "Next"
7. Wizard - Compatibility Fixes screen: Scroll down and check the check-box next to "WinXPSP2VersionLie". Click the "Test Run" button (DO NOT CLICK NEXT).
8. Test run window: Ensure the path to the program is correct (should be something like e:\setup.exe). Command line can be blank. Click the OK button.
9. The installer will now launch and proceed quite happily thinking it is running in XP SP2.
10. After the install is done You can close the "Create New Application Fix" wizard and the Compatibility Administrator tool without saving changes.
ssittigAuthor Commented:
Wow, Killer ideas both. I'll give them both a try tomorrow and report the results. Thanks....

Also, if those fail and the installer is done with Windows Installer (MSI package) and the version check is done correctly, you could use Orca to remove/change it. This requires some more hacking, so I hope the other suggestions work. If not, I may be able to walk you through the steps to change the MSI package.
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