SpamAssassin with MailArchiva on Ubuntu Server

I'm trying to setup up a mail scrubbing server with mailarchiva to archive any emails that pass through. Currently we have an external pop3 email provider, and clients access their email from outlook 2002. Is there a way to set these two programs up on an ubuntu server, without having to use a mail transfer agent like postfix?
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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Though there are solutions to retrieve email and distributing them to a user mailbox they will require you to have a running MTA such as postfix etc. Fetchmail is such a  program which does remote retrieval from a remote POP3 server. IT then passes the mail to the MTA for delivery. Furthermore Mailarchiva will not work if you don't install a mail server with injection 8 or milter support as sendmail calls it)

So in either case you'll need a MTA such as postfix. so the answer ito your question is no you cannot.

JoshBottorffAuthor Commented:
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