remotely administering a Hyper-V 2008 R2 server

I performed a vanilla install of the free downloadable Hyper-V server R2, and enabled remote administration from the menus. I then installed the hyper-v manager from the server support tools for Win7. I know what the machines IP address is and can RDP into it and see the command prompt, but I cant connect to it via the hyper-v manager on my Win7 box. it acts as though it cant even see it. how do I connect to it?
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If your server and computer is both member of the same domain it should work.
nsdincAuthor Commented:
Its in workgroup mode at the moment. I tried to use the hvremote.wsf script to enable access but that didnt seem to do anything.
nsdincAuthor Commented:
how do I join the domain with the hyper-v server? there is no gui. Id like to just leave it in workgroup mode, can it be done like that?
You can login to the HYPER-V and join it to the domain from the text based menu.
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