BES migration from Groupwise -> Exchange

We are currently in the progress of migrating from Novel Groupwise to MS Exchange. I spoke to a tech at RIM and he told me that the only way to migrate our BES users is to get a temp SRP ID, setup a Exchange BES, delete users from the Groupwise BES, wipe the device, and reactivate them on the Exchange BES. This pose a few problems. First we have about 200 users. I can't imagine what it would be like to manually backup and wipe 200 devices. This would require us collecting the devices and that brings us into problem two. We are planning to have the cut over happened during a weekend. I'm sure the users will be hard pressed on giving up their phones and will come after us with pitch forks if we force them to hand it over.  

Ultimately we want to be able to do the move with minimal down t time and changes to device settings. From your experiences, what is the best way to approach this? Thanks in advance for any inputs.
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Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/VirtualizationCommented:
That is true..  When moving from GW to Exchange you will have to make the following changes:

1. You will BES for Exchange, your current install/media is only for GW
2. You will need to wipe each BB prior to activation on the new BES
3. The BESAdmin account will need to be setup with proper permissions

Here is a KB for setting up BESAdmin in an Exchange environment:

So, I would follow this path:

1. Create a new BESAdmin account from scratch on the Exchange side
2. Get the BES installed properly as BESAdmin
3. Remove users from GW BES
4. Wipe BB's
5. Get users migrated to the Exchange server
6. Add to the Exchange BES and activate


We had our cut over last year and those were our exact steps... one exception was that I put the TEMP SRP in GW BES, took the permanent SRP and install to the Exchange BES.

We migrated over 1,000 BB in several months, and recalled every single BB.  That was the cleanest way.  We didn't want to do "how to" with users.  Business decision was NO back ups - users will lose ALL preferences.  Oh, one HUGE difference here is we do not allow personal device to connect BES so that made the Business decision stick.

I would do that over again if had to.  One thing you need to remember is to set and IT Policy "Reset to Factory Defaults on Wipe" setting in GW BES to "YES" otherwise you will run into issue when attempting to EA in Exchange BES.

Good luck,

ASMEAuthor Commented:
I dont know
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