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I need to move an exisiting SAN volume from one Server 2003 Virtual Server to another.  Here's the catch:

The existing SAN volume is connected via the iSCSI initiator through Server 2003 OS.  I need to move the volume to a new server, keeping all the data intact.  

Instead of having the SAN volume connected through the iSCSI initiator via the OS, I need it to be added as a disk on the VM through ESX.  

Also, I need the permissions to remain intact if possible.

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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can P2V (VM Converter) the volume which will convert it to a VMDK file which provided it's mounted onto a server in the same domain, all the NTFS permissions will remain intact.
Or better yet, (and faster) you could use clonezilla or acronis to do the clone to a different drive...
slavetononeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the clonezilla (freeware) iso, mount the iso to the vm, mount the new VMFS to the VM, change to boot from CD, follow on screen clonezilla instructions to transfer data in minutes.  Then shutdown VM, unmount the ISO and the old SAN disk and leave your new VMFS virtual disk and your all set.

Or load the 15 day trial of Aronis Migrate Easy onto your VM, mount the new virtual disk and run a clone from within the OS etc..

Both of these are much faster than using VMWARE Converter althought that will work and especially great if you cant shutdown the system you are trying to clone...

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macdaddy2005Author Commented:
I'll give both answers a try before I do the final move.  Thanks for both your input!
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