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Monitoring Pervasive SQL via SNMP

We are using PSQL 10 for use in a Federally required industry application.  I would like to be able to monitor the database.  Is there any MIB available for PSQL 10?  I want to manage activity, size, errors etc.  Also any way to get traps on btrieve errors?  
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Unfortunately, there is nothing that currently exists to monitor PSQL through SNMP.  
You might be able to use the Pervasive DTI interface to write your own monitoring tool.  

I'm not aware of any way to trap Btrieve errors.  Most errors are trapped by the application because the application knows how to handle them properly.

Bill BachPresidentCommented:
At this time, no.  

With PSQLv10, there IS a command-line interface to the Monitor application (called BMON), which is documented in the Pervasive manuals.  This Java-based tool allows you to get some engine state information out of the system via a configuration file.  Goldstar Software (www.goldstarsoftware.com/tools.asp) has a tool called PSConfig, which can do much of the same thing from either a command-line interface (using switches to specify the data to return) or from a web-based front-end (via CGI).  Both can easily be scripted.

As for errors, Btrieve has minimal error tracking, because what might be an error to one application may be normal operation for another application.  As such, the database engine reports the status codes to the client, which forwards it to the application.  It is up to the individual applications to post the error to the user or to some other log, if it deems it to be an error.

The server engine does log some of the more fatal issues (like System Errors, which can be indicative of file corruption or OS resources issues) in the PVSW.LOG file on the server, so parsing this log file can be helpful.  Goldstar Software has a Database Monitoring System (www.goldstarsoftware.com/gsdms.asp) which leverages periodic scripting, execution of PSConfig, and other special features to more fully monitor the Pervasive environment (such as addressing space usage), including parsing and reporting of log file errors and submission of reports via Email.  (Unfortunately, Pervasive now keeps the log file open all the time, which impacts the ability to automatically archive this log file.)

If you have a specific configuration value or setting that you are trying to monitor, please let me know.

amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
This is great information (if not the answer I was hoping for :-)).  Thank-you.
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