Developing Delphi applications with MS Access back end ??

I have an application developed in Delphi 2010 and MS Access 2007.  I created the MS Access DB as a MS Access 2000 database (*.mdb) instead of as a MS Access 2007 database (*.accdb) using the MS Jet OleDB 4.0 provider.

Question : Although this runs good on MS Windows XP, is there anything to be worried about with the other OSs (Vista, Windows 7)??? Do these OSs have the requirements to run my app with the database file without any additional deployed files??? I dont want the users to have to have MS Access 2007 on there machines, and I also want them to be sure to have the required MS Jet OleDB 4.0 provider

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Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
> am not saying that MDAC is not required. If it is, then it must be installed by default
> onto the two operating systems that i know for a fact my program works on (XP & Vista).

Yes ! That is what I thought and said, and Systan link confirms it :

MDAC is a package distributed on all XP, regrouping ODBC, OLEDB and ADO - which are all the same things but from older to newer design - proof that MS NEEDS to keep compatibility over long period of time. Those components where available separately for older OS, or installed with other MS app (Office), Development tools (Delphi) etc...

DAC is MDAC renamed, new version distributed with Vista, probably new features that nobody will be able to live without in a few years. Whatever, it is compatible with MDAC.

I, for one, never troubled myself and some Delphi 5 applications using ODBC or Delphi 7 using ADO still work with Vista 64. And I can't tell for sure because I don't have it, but I eat my left shoe if Access through ADO cannot be used with seven, without adding anything.
Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
You can bet that Microsoft made sure that the compatibility for MS Access DB through OLEDB is assured for Seven and next few OS. I have Vista 64 myself and no problems. All of this is now standard part of MS OS, like IE.
The only issue I have encountered is that there may be security issues similar to the ones you encounter when you open an MS Access 2003 database with MS Access 2007 and then have to enable the database for changes via that stupid "Options" button that can't remember that you just did that yesterday or even 5 minutes ago. ;-)
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DelphiRulezAuthor Commented:
Once the app is deployed with the database, there won't be any opening going on. It's encrypted and password protected.
If you created a *.mdb database - it will open on systems that have
Office 2000-2003 installed.It will also run where Office 2007 is installed too....
But it will not run where Office is not installed.
You will need to supply the MDAC (if not installed by the system) otherwise...
DelphiRulezAuthor Commented:

 That is not correct. I have a program (3 years old) that has been using MS Access 2000 backend (*.mdb file) and it runs on machines without MS Office or MS Access installed.  Over 300 users.

I doubt the chances are that all 300 + users have MS Office and/or Access installed on their machines.

I am not saying that MDAC is not required. If it is, then it must be installed by default onto the two operating systems that i know for a fact my program works on (XP & Vista).

Now, this new program i am developing, like i said, it will use the same database (MS Access 2000 *.mdb).....but im concerned with the new operating system Windows 7.0

DelphiRulezAuthor Commented:
THis page describes MDAC and its OS compatibilities:

but says nothing about VISTA and Windows 7.

I do have some VSTA users who use my program , but im not sure if they gave Office already installed on their machines.

I need to know about Windows 7 and Vista, whether or not MDAC is installed by default
About OleDB:
If your concern about MS Jet OleDB 4.0 provider in the Client Computer

For computers that are running Windows Vista  (And also in Windows 7 probably)
If you are running Windows Vista, you have a later version of Jet 4.0 than the version that is included with Jet 4.0 SP8.

About MDAC:
Install DAC (version that has MS Jet OleDB)

>MDAC is installed by default
NO, install DAC instead(include it on your program package installation)
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