T- factor will varyoff and varyon the vg.

Hi experts,

I what to change t-factor value for one of pagingvg. I what to know if i change t-factor value to pagingvg the vg will varyoff and varyon -- if that mean time if any application using my paging sapce , the what will happen to my application it will crash.
I what ans:
1. Its varyoff of the vg or not.

thanks in advance.

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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi sivaji,

don't worry!

Changing the PP limit (the t-factor) will never disrupt normal LVM operations, and you will be astonished how fast it works.

Just keep a few things in mind -
- The VG must be a standard VG or "big" VG, and must not be a scalable VG.
- In case of a mirrored VG - there must not be any stale partitions. If there are some, issue "varyonvg vgname" beforehand and wait till they're gone.
- In case of HACMP or PowerHA - the VG must not be varied on in concurrent mode - but with a paging VG this is very unlikely, since useless.
- The maximum allowed number of physical volumes will be reduced. So with a factor 2 this number will decrease from the default of 32 to 32 / 2 = 16.


MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi sir,

Thanks lots for the update.

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