Mysterious move of 50 GB of data ?

This is on a windows 2008 box. So we had a share that had sub folders some how the sub folders were moved to another share, over 50 gb worth.  I personally think someone accidentally moved them, but the head of that department is convinced that something technical happened to caused it, he thinks its either the backups or some automated process in windows server causing it.  

His arguments-
-To move 50 gb of data would have taken over an hour --- Isn't a move immediate unlike a copy?
- All users in the share would have been kicked out or it would have locked up ?

So can someone give me some responses to his argument, plus is there anything technical that could move 50 gig  of data ?

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Darius GhassemCommented:
You must physically move data there is not a process that could move the data. Backup processes only copy data over to another device not move.

Moving data will still take time.

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B HCommented:
if you MOVE (cut/paste) on the same hard drive/volume, yes it's instant
if any files were open, the move would have errored out and cancelled most likely, unless a user hit "skip all"

there's unlimited numbers of ways a script can move data, and no way we could know if there was one... check your scheduled tasks... xcopy could do it too...

a backup program will let you archive (move from source) to a backup location but it doesn't typically move it from one folder to another random one

you could check your event logs for information entries related to permissions of who moved it.... it should have been logged as an audit.
On the same logical volume, it would not take any noticeable time at all.  A share just points to a location.  You can map it locally to a different drive letter, but on the server it can be on the same drive.

Server Drive D:
-FolderF (user mapped to F: drive)
-FolderG (user mapped to G: drive)

Move FileF into FolderG, and it "magically" appears to have changed drive letters to the clients.  It took a fraction of a second that can't be measured.  Not an hour, or even a minute.

As for an automated routine or backup to do this....doubtful.  In my experience it's usually user error or an admin working locally that accidentally drags things between folders.

I'm guilty of it too.  It isn't the end of the world.  And, near impossible to track if you don't have detailed auditing and/or workstation monitoring.
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