Web Scraping / File Saving With VBA? Doable?

I'm trying to save a lot of files from a web site
without having to manually rightclick - save as...

The HTML I'm looking for on the file targets looks like this:


I'm attaching a snippet of code used for code scraping I found on this site.
Is this possible
Sub HTMLScrape(sADDRESS As String)

Dim oHTMLDoc As New HTMLDocument
Dim oDoc As HTMLDocument
Dim oDocElements As IHTMLElementCollection
Dim oElement As IHTMLElement

Dim pos As Long
pos = 0

Set oDoc = oHTMLDoc.createDocumentFromUrl(sADDRESS, "")
Do While oDoc.readyState <> "complete": DoEvents: Loop
Set oDocElements = oDoc.getElementsByTagName("td")

For Each oElement In oDocElements
        Debug.Print CStr(pos), oElement.innerText
        pos = pos + 1

Debug.Print "done"

Set oDocElements = Nothing
Set oDoc = Nothing
Set oHTMLDoc = Nothing

End Sub

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From what you describe, most likely you will want to download the files using HTTP.  This link will show you how to download files using HTTP and another technique using FTP: http://www.mvps.org/access/modules/mdl0037.htm

Here are other techniques:

You can paste the Microsoft webbrowser control into your Access form/report and then load the web address into its control source.  The web pages will be displayed in the Access form and you can interface with the pages displayed.

You can interface with Internet Explorer using Automation.

You can upload and download files using FTP - File Transfer Protocol.

You can create a hyperlink.  Clicking on the hyperlink will open the web page in the default browser.  To create a hyperlink in a form, go to Insert, Hyperlink.

This sample database will show you how to transfer information to and from the internet using the Web Browser control, Internet Explorer Automation and FTP - www.thenelson.name/#WebAccess
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