Multiple DHCP scopes for Win2k3 and/or Win2008

I have a client who has 4 subnets .110, .120, .130, .140 and is currently using a sonicwall to assign addresses.  The sonicwall is currently the bottleneck on his network so he wants to segment LAN traffic from WAN traffic with a layer 3 switch.  he wants to use a DHCP on the .110 subnet to provide IP addressing on all host from all subnets.  I've read that I can use DHCP relay on the layer 3 switch to pass DHCP request to correct subnet/ip but i was wondering if it's even possible to assigng IP address from the Windows DHCP serer for clients on different subnets?
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Yes It is possible. We have this in our environment. If you are using a layer three switch to route between the subnets , configure iphelper <your DHCP server IP>  (Cisco command). If you are using any other Layer 3 device other than cisco check how to allow BOOTP broadcast through the router.  
(i have assumed that you have created the Layer three VLan interfaces for your subnets and configured the routing)
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