Shadow files and administrator access

I have a shadow file and I'd like to know who has administrator access to UNIX.

Included below is an example of how the shadow file looks like.

From my understanding, only root has administrative rights? Is this correct?

Also, is it possible to restrict users to login directly to the 'application' username? Can I require that users use the 'su' command to log into the account? Or are users always able to login to the 'application' account without having to 'su'?
application:x:5102:887:Application Accnt:/u01/app:/bin/ksh

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The file you show is /etc/passwd and not the shadow file.  /etc/shadow contains the encrypted passwords of the users.

Any user with UID 0 (3rd column in /etc/passwd) effective has root privs and can do anything they like on the system.  In your case, this is the default 'root' user.

Restricting direct login to the 'application' user depends on which *nix system you are using.
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
First of all this file looks like the password file not a shadow file, what OS is it?
By default in Unix/Linux, root has administrative right, so that is correct.
You can also restrict users to login as "application".
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