Change external URL of Companyweb from RWW in SBS2008

We recently upgraded from SBS2003 to SBS2008. For a multitude of reasons, the old server was configured such that the external domain for the Remote Web Workplace, OWA, etc was listed as, rather than  As such, the trusted SSL certificate was purchased for that specific domain as well (and has 2 years left on the 4 year term). I am trying to avoid having to purchase another SSL certificate to change the domain name.

I have changed the site bindings for the SBS Web Applcations site in IIS7 to, rather than  DNS records are updated and the site is working for RWW, OWA and the TS clients.   However, when you go to the internal website, it changes the URL to For now, there are still dns records for "remote" and to IIS the port matters (with https) and the host header doesn't, so the website is delivered, but so is a cerificate error since the url doesn't match.

How do I change the companyweb site to work as "" instead of "remote".  The only bindings for the companyweb are "companyweb" for http and the SSL port of 987 (which makes sense because this is all IIS needs). I guess the biggest question is do I just need to get the RWW main page to change the link for that option, or do I have to make a configuration change on the sharepoint side, or both?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.  
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bigintegrationConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, as it turns out, I figured it out. It was actually pretty simple, and in case anyone else runs across this...

On the operations page for the Sharepoint Central Administration, there is a link to edit the URL for the web application. Changed that from "remote" to "secure" and all appears to be well.
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