Back date date on Windows Vista / 7 for Power Users


Is there a setting somewhere that would allow a Power User to backdate a computer to previous month on Vista / Windows 7?
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>Don't get what's the connection here to Regional Settings - Date change permission.

You weren't clear that it's merely a date change on the system.  Generally, there's no valid business reason for doing that.

My assumption was, also, that you mean a system restore to a specific point-in-time.

So, you want to change the local system's date/time, but you're don't have permissions?

In that case, Experts Exchange can't provide that kind of help.  If you don't have the administrative rights on the computer, it's for a reason.

We're not allowed to provide assistance to override or bypass security.

But, you can (if authorized) see which users have that ability.

Start Menu > run > GPEDIT.MSC
Go to:
Local Computer Settings (or Computer Configuration)
Windows Settings
Security Settings
Local Policies
User Rights Assignment
Scroll down to: "Change the System Time"
Dbl-click to open the properties.

It will show you the authorized users/groups.  If you have the authority, there should be a button that says "Add User or Group".

i think power users can use system restore is it not right?
MezczyznaAuthor Commented:
Never tried as Power User. However, when doing security patches it still asks for admin password.
I don't think a Power User can do a system restore.
Don't get what's the connection here to Regional Settings - Date change permission.

Thank you.
MezczyznaAuthor Commented:
That's what I wanted. To add a user so she can change the date.
Speaking of business reason, there is. Not enough staff to enter invoices, so they will be working on the weekend backdating April invoices to April. ERP system goes by the system date.
Sorry for not being clear.
Thank you.
haha i took it completely wrong
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