How do I navigate to a geotagged photo on an iPhone?

When I take a photo on my iPhone, I know it is geotagged because when I view the photo on a computer using Picasa I can see the map location.  But from the iPhone I have never been able to see the geotag info from the photos and I would like to know how to do this.  Also, I'd like to be able to navigate toward a photo (shot on the iPhone) using the map program, but I can't do that either.  What am I missing?
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After doing a little bit of browsing, I found this:

But I think that you can only view the geotag in iPhoto or a similar application (on a Mac).  I am not sure if you can view it on your iPhone using that application.

A few more links for you to check out are below:

I do not know if these meet your requirements but they should provide some good reading material (at least).  

Good luck!
Are you trying to find the geotag within the iPhone photo application?  To my knowledge, I do not think you can do this within the iPhone map or photo application.  You could try looking at some external 3rd party applications that allow you to do this but I have never heard of geotagging within the standard iPhone photo and map applications.
iuryAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions for a third party app that will do what I want?
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