Save all Outlook 2003 settings, delete profile, restore all Outlook 2003 settings

I am using a program called Empirum for desktop management. It allows me to automatically backup whatever I want (registry keys, files, etc). This is in an Exchange 2003 environment. I need to be able to backup  and then restore a user's Outlook profile including:

- frequently sent email addresses (.nk2)
- proxy access setup to other accounts
- signatures
- offline PST files

I've got the PST files backing, the nk2 file, signatures, etc. all working.

Then I delete the user profile, login in fresh to a new machine. A new local profile is created. Then I restore the appropriate files and registry keys (Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook). When I launch Outlook 2003 for the first time this is what happens:

- It launches and asks the user for their name and initials.
- It correctly contains the signature and previously-sent to emails
- The offline files are restored on the computer, but they do not show up in Outlook and I have to manually add them back with Data File Management

Is there a way to get Outlook to restore the link to the same offline files from before in an automated fashion (is there some data I am not save/restoring that I need to?) and a way to have Outlook not ask for the user's name and initials?

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I use either the IT tool USMT (user state migration tool) or File and Transfer Wizard to move users from one computer to another and all their outlook settings work fine and data files transfered etc.
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