how do you do a type diff using TFS 2010 source safe with VS 2010?

How do you do a type diff using TFS 2010 source safe with VS 2010. I want to view and compare previous file version with later version of same file and view differences side by side. At first I cannot find thsi feature in TFS 2010 source safe  system?
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Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
several ways to do it

in solution explorer , right click the file , choose Compare (keep latest version in the upper pane, In lower pane select (server path or local path )  from the drop down arrow next to browse button, select the changeset or date you wish to compare with.
In Team explorer ,same method applies , and an additional method also , browse to the folder / file you wish to compare.
right click >view history>select the latest changeset >select your file >right click>Compare 
(choose previous version, Workspace version or Latest version)
since you seem like an experienced sourcesafe user , you may also wish to do it from command line .
open Visual studio command prompt, some of the available commands are as below
tf diff /?
tf folderdiff /?
tf history /?
this will show you the needed parameters for each command .
note that you will have to CD to your workspace directory for the comparison to work in command line .
hope this helps
tcmmaxtAuthor Commented:
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