Unable to uninstall adobe CS3 on windows XP

I try to uninstall adobe CS3 and get an error license issue.
Uninstall and reinstall, but when I try to uninstall nothing happens.
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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Adobe support can be hit and miss.

whatever you do, do not use a cleaner product to do so. You will end up with more problems than before. With respect to the one sledge hammer cleans all approaches, this is likely a different problem.

What Adobe are probably gonna tell you is this:

You should try that first. If you have uninstalled and tried again and it works for now, it will likely happen again in a few days and you will get back to this. This happened to me on CS4 and CS2 so it is a common occurrence. I drilled it down to the RAID in my system and somehow Adobe licensing thing that it is a different machine after a RAID rebuilt. Weird, but it was fixed after following the kb.

Maurice6627Author Commented:
When I launch Photoshop and I get this message.

Licensing for this product has stopped working.

You cannot use this product at this time.  You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contact your IT administrator or Adobe Customer Support.

I called Adobe and they will get back to me in 3 business days.  Very disappointed in their support.

Ioannis AnifantakisSoftware EngineerCommented:
1) First try to install CCleaner to remove junk or problematic registry entries.
2) Then try uninstalling again.
3) If you cannot uninstall, try to reinstall (now that is clean with CCleaner) and uninstall again
4) if still problem, post here and we see what to do next
Maurice6627Author Commented:
captainreiss, I will try your suggestion and see how it goes.

Maurice6627Author Commented:
Thank you, it worked, took some time, but all good now.
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