Security settings change each night, How do I stop it?

Each morning I have to go into the security settings of each shared folder on the server and go into the advanced settings and check the box that allows the settings to be pushed to the child objects. If I don't then the files and folders that were originally moved from another folder on the server to a new location on the server can't be accessed. We did have to change the Administrative password because our IT guy left and since then this happens. Once we click the checkbox in the morning it works great all day. Then we have to repeat again the next day.
Any Suggestions?
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
No, changing the administrative password wouldn't cause changes to be made to file/folder NTFS permissions. That's why I'm suggesting there must be some kind of script running (or someone would be having to do this manually every day, which is doubtful). Check your Scheduled Tasks folder to see if there's anything there. Also, check into what non-standard programs (i.e., something other than the operating system and server-side applications like Exchange or SQL) might be running on this server.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
On the surface, it appears that there must be some sort of script that is running every night that moves files and/or changes the NTFS permissions. Are you moving files every night using some kind of script? Or are these the same files/folders every day that have different NTFS permissions in the morning?
Yiper72Author Commented:
We are not moving files every night. I will check to see if there are any scripts causing issues. It is always the same folders that need to have the child permissions pushed out again in the morning. Could it be from us changing the Administrative password?
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