How to turn on services in MOSS 2007

Greetings, I'm trying to turn on the following features within SP2007.
Excel Services, Power Point Services, Logging and Auditing Services, and Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.

Unfortunately, I've not had much experience with this, and thus come to my fellow experts for help.

I need to enable this so that it is turned on for any future site collections that might be created within the farm later.

I'll start with what I have tried already.

Central Administration > Operations Tab > Services on Server.
Excel Calculation Services are STARTED.  I noticed that "Windows Sharepoint Services Web Application" is STOPPED, although I do not know if this has anything to do with my problem.

So, I see that Excel is turned on there, so I go to my top level site > Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Features, and notice that "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Collection Features" is ACTIVE...I thought htat this controls Excel services, as it says in the description (Features sucha s the Business Data Catalog, Forms Services, and Excel Services, included in the Office SharePoint Server Enterprise License".

Am i doing something wrong for that?

I've also tried to enable the OFfice Sharepoint Server Publishing Infrastructure under the Site Collection Features page of my top site, and when i click "ACTIVATE", i get an error that states:

The Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features feature must be activated at the web application level before this feature can be activated.

I'm not certain by what it is asking for when it says that it needs to be turned on at the web application level.

Could someone please help?  Thanks!
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There is a feature "Office SharePoint Server Standard Web" that you will need to activate as well - go to your site collection settings, site Collection feautures, and turn it on.

You will also have to define your trusted locations for excel services spreadsheets - you do this under you Shared Service Provider in central admin - Go to "Shared Services Administration", and then under your Excel services settings section, there is a "Trusted File Locations" link - you will need to add the locations that you trust into this section so that Excel services will know to trust a file to be published.

Other than that, it sounds like everything should work OK.

If that still doesn't work, please provide more details of what exactly isn't working, and any error messages that you are getting etc.

Hope this helps
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
Arduk and other Experts:
"There is a feature "Office SharePoint Server Standard Web" that you will  need to activate as well - go to your site collection settings, site  Collection feautures, and turn it on."

In the Site Collection Features page (http://webserver/topsite/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site) I do not see the "Office SharePoint Server Standard Web" feature.  I see the following features:

Collect Signatures Workflow [ACTIVE]Disposition Approval Workflow [ACTIVE]Fields and Content Types for the WSS Application Templates [ACTIVE]OSS Enterprise Site Collection Features [ACTIVE]OSS Publishing Infrastructure [NOT ACTIVATED]OSS Search Web Parts [ACTIVE]OSS Standard Site Collection Features [ACTIVE]Reporting [ACTIVE]Routing Workflows [ACTIVE]Three-state workflow [ACTIVE]Translation Management Workflow [ACTIVE]

The bolded feature (OSS Publishing Infrastructure).  Is one of the things that I need to turn on.

As far as the Excel Services settings, there is no "Trusted File Location" that is currently to do that, I assume I should just create a new document library under the site collection, and then set that up so that all the users under that SC have access to it?  
One thing I'm not certain on though, is what "Service" controls the Excel services though?  Is that the "Excel Calculation Services"?

Sorry - I got the wording wrong - the exact wording of it on my sites is "Office SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features", and it appears from the above that you already have it as active. You could try deactivating and activating again, and check if you get any errors in the log, also, check out the links below that mention a similar problem:

Are there any log entries when you try to activate the publishing infrastructure feature in c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\logs (assuming that it is installed on the c: drive)

Excel services - yes, it is the Excel calculation services services.
For the trusted file location, you can create a new doc lib, or you can use an existing one, but you will need to add it to the trusted file locations, in order for the spreadsheet to display using excel services.
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ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info on Excel Services!
As far as OSS Publishing Infrastructure goes, it's still not happening.  I went into the logs and found the most current one, went to the bottom to check what was there, then closed it.  I then tried to turn on OSS Publishing and got the "The Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features feature must be activated at the web application level before this feature can be activated. " error again.  So then I went back into the log folder, hit refresh to make sure it was going to be the same log (it was), opened it, and saw nothing relevant to what I just did.
Maybe I am trying to activate it in the wrong page?  
That error above says that "Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features" must be turned on at the application level, not the Publishing Features.  So I've been going to:
Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Web Application Features (in the SharePoint Web Application Management  listing on the App. Management page).
On that page it says "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web Application Features" as ACTIVE, and also (drumroll) "Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features" as ACTIVE.
So that's very weird.  I'm in the "Application Level" on that page i listed above, correct?  And the Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features are set to Active.
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, if anything.  The server should be built correctly, as the architect who set it up was aware of those links that you mentioned.
bumping your log settings up to verbose may get you some more information in the logs - do this through central admin, then try to activate the feature again - you may find some more information which is helpful?

Are you able to activate the feature on other web applications/site collections?
ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
I'll have to check the verbose setting for the logs when I get in tomorrow morning (in about 9 hours).  
I'm coming in to this after-the-fact (I didn't build it), but there are three SSPs set up (MOSS, SP Admin, and Central Admin).  I'm still fairly new to MOSS 2007 (I've worked on WSS 2.0 and briefly on 3.0), so when you're referring to the web applications, are you speaking of the SSPs?  

Currently there is only one site collection, Although I guess I could try to create another one and see what happens.
under central admin->Application management, you can create a new web application, which will setup a new IIS site - we run a number of web applications, which are used to both physically and logically separate information - you may have a single web application? You can check this by going to the "Web Application List" under in Central Admin under application management.

Also, if you do have more than one web application, confirm that the features that you checked were activated in Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Web Application Features were actually activated for the correct web application that your sites are on - when you go to this page there is a drop down list which you can use to select the web application to see what features are activated.

I would try creating a new site collection first under your existing web application, and see if you can activate the publishing feature on it - if you create using the publishing portal, it should automatically include the publishing feature I believe.

ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
I just checked - Apparently we have four web applications.  One of the funny things (to me), is that all four have the same URL...but the ports are different.  An example is http://abc:8080, http://abc:45678, etc.  

As far as Web Application Features, three of the four web applications had everything enabled.  The fourth was the web application for Central Admin, which had nothing enabled.
The four features available to each of these web applications are as follows:
- Office Server Enterprise Search
- Office Server Site Search
- Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features
- Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features

I'll test out creating a new SC right now.
since you already have 4 web applications, you could also try activating the feature(s) on the other web apps, and see if it works there - could indicate a glitch in the setup of the web app you are using.

ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
See, I thought that could be the problems as well - so yesterday I activated all  four of those features that i listed above on each web application...

and still nothing.

I can post pictures of the site tomorrow, and maybe someone will spot something that I'm missing.

ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
So, what I did, was deleted the site collection and the content database for this site (since it was supposed to be a migration from another physical site to this one).

Anyway, I created a new Web Application, then went to create the site collection.  I chose the template for the collaboration portal under the "Publishing" category, and it gives this error:

"The Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features feature must be activated at the web application level before this feature can be activated."

Which is the same error i was getting before on the other site.  So, i went up to Central Admin > Application management > Manage Web Application Features > Clicked the "Change Web Application" drop down and selected my web application ("Sharepoint Test Web") > and it has four Features active:

        Office Server Enterprise Search  
Uses the Office Server Search Service for search over broad  enterprise content. In addition to list and site scopes, provides search over  people profiles, business data, remote and custom content sources.  Uses multiple  tabs to display results in the Search Center.

Active           Office Server Site Search  
Uses the Office Server Search Service for site and list scoped  searches.    

Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application  features  
Features such as the business data catalog, forms services, and  Excel Services, included in the Office SharePoint Server Enterprise  License.

Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application  features  
Features such as user profiles and search, included in the  Office SharePoint Server Standard License.

So I'm stooped.  I don't understand why I cannot create a new web application, and have it error out when trying to create a new site collection with a Publishing site as the top site.
sorry - I'm not sure that I can offer you any more assistance here - it sounds like there must be a problem with the installation.

I just realised that I posted the same link twice up above - I actually meant to post the link below as the second link, maybe it will help, as it has general troubleshooting for this (or a similar) problem:

Hope this helps!

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ThatSharepointGuyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I will test further on my end with a complete rebuild, and if everything works, migrate the sites over as best that I can.

Thanks again!
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