Hosting Multiple SSL Certificates on IIS 7.0 and Using Port 443

Ive got 4 websites setup on an IIS 7.0 Server. I have a wildcard ssl for the one domain, however the 1 website doesnt belong to the same domain. I can setup the certificate and install but i can't use port 443 for that site because the header doesnt belong to the same domain. Is this possible?

If i use this command to setup ssl binding it will use the SSL Cert used in the other sites.
appcmd set site /"" /+bindings.[protocol='https',bindingInformation='*']
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If you are going to be running more than site that is using SSL, and they aren't using the same wildcard cert, then you will need to run the site on its own IP address.  Just run the site that isn't using the wildcard on its own IP and port 443 and you should be good.
Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:

Yes, you can install any SSL Certificate on any site.

The issue is that the site has no clue about it and will pop up warning (There is a problem with this website's security certificate) since the FriendlyName or wildcard doesn't match.

What are your sites configured as? Please run the following command to help us out.
> c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd list sites

As per the above command you are just setting a bind for to respond on 443. In essence,

What are you trying to accomplish?

v46nAuthor Commented:
I was trying to find out a way to have one IIS host have multiple sites using different ssl certificates but after further research i dont believe that is possible.

Everytime i setup a seperate website that requires its own ssl certifcate i have been installing a new router, which is kind of a bad practise.

Is there maybe a way to accomplish this in an webserver cluster?
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v46nAuthor Commented:
It would be helpful even to have 1 router that can match the header and forward to the correct website, even if the sites required to be on a seperate local IP
Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
SSL requirement is to have 1 IP for each Website. it is not possible to bind a wildcard SSL to multiple websites.

To add multiple IPs, add them to the LAN interface properties of nic.

Then statically bind each site to a unique IP. for for

It is possible to bind a single wildcard cert to multiple websites, as long as they are all a part of the same top level domain.  For example, you could have a wildcard cert for * and bind it to

You could also run them on the same IP address and use host headers if you have a wildcard cert:

If your websites are not part of the same top level domain, then they will each need to run on a unique IP address and you'll need to purchase a separate SSL cert for each.

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