Access to the path ...\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\...\App_Code.compiled' is denied.

We're migrating a .NET 2.0 web application to a new server. The web app involves Crystal Reports for VS2005. I created a setup deployment project for the CR merge modules and applied it to the web site. The deployment project appears as a separate project under the default web site. Our web application is set to the directory with the web app files. This is running on IIS 6.

I tried giving the LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK SERVICE accounts full control to the temporary files folder as well as deleting the underlying directories and restarting IIS but the error persists. I was going to add the ASP.NET account but it didn't seem to be available.

Please let me know what I need to look at to correct this. Thank you.
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Are you running the app pools as something other than Network Service?  If so, you'll need to give that account rights to the temporary files folder.  If you're doing any type of impersonation within your web.config, then you'll need to give permissions to either the IUSR account or the authenticated users group.
ZekeLAAuthor Commented:
Giving control to authenticated users did the trick! Thank you immensely.
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