PGP (paid) vs (free - TrueCrypt vs FreeOTFE) for encrypting USB hard drive

Hi All,

I've been looking at wikipedia for the comparison of the different encryption software - to encrypt a usb harddrive (to be used by multiple users on multiple computers - one additional requirement is that the encryption software can not reside on the same usb drive.):

However, I feel it's not the same as if I had hands on experience with the actually software, so I was wondering if someone here who has had experience with encrypting a usb drive that is to be shared by multiple user on multiple computers what they would recommend.  Also if there are things I need to watch out for and any advantages to using a paid/free software.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
None of these require the software to be on the USB, but TC and PGP require that the software be used to decrypt them. I would think you might be better served using an encrypted Zip archive, as it's pretty universal, you can even have encrypted zip's inside other encrypted zips. Xp can decrypt them with no additioal software as can linux and mac's. The encryption is pretty good depending on what program you use to set the password, using native XP is not recommended as it uses an older version of zip spec for encryption, I'd suggest 7zip (free) to create encrypted zip's or 7z archives. 7z also requires 7zip/winrar or other to open, but the zip's it can create are universal.

OTFE (explorer) does not require an install, it can be used like a "self extracting" archive in a sense, the decryption program is part of the the container. However, the files in that container can only be stored in FAT volumes, not NTFS or ext3/4. This is only for the Explorer version of OTFE...

A major advantage of TrueCrypt or OTFE is they leave no temp files behind, pgp used to I'm not sure they do anymore... but a zip archive would have temp files in the pagefile or temp directories while the archive is open. The decryption of the usb by TC/OTFE is done in memory only.
i am using the following usb encryption software, shareware
Pui_YunAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,
Thank you for the advice, in the end we decided to use Truecrypt as we wanted whole disk encryption.  We will install truecrypt on multiple computer as admin.  Hopefully, that will work
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