AIX for unix admins

So. How do I go about it? Its got some lovely technology from what I see, and I reckon would be a natural and healthy progression/extension to my Solaris background. So...I have sweet funny adam budget yet am willing to learn.

What do I do?
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I don't know what these guys are actually offering, but perhaps you might want to check it out:

They're talking there about free access to AIX systems.

Nothing - no budget? Indeed? Otherwise I would have suggested looking at ebay for some used Power system - they do have rather inexpensive ones there. But - no budget?
You are not confusing AIX with a 2001 Xbox or the like, are you?

There is no Open Source version of AIX, should you have thought of such an alternative.

Hi, and welcome to AIX!

Do you have an AIX box at hand? If so, I'd strongly advise you to open the "System Management Interface Tool", our old friend smit (or smitty, for the non-graphical ASCII variant). Just type smit or smitty

See what it offers, and if you're lucky enough to have a test machine - don't hesitate to run all those commands.
A nice gimmick of Mr smit - you can always press <F6> to check what the command line equivalent of the command-to-execute is.

Next - there is a lot of material available from IBM - to look things up and to learn.

Here is an EE case (still in progress) where someone asked for such things -

Particularly check those movie demos -

And there are lots of "InfoCenters" - check it out -

Last (for now) - there is a very agile community at developerworks -

... and there is the big portal "" -

I think that's enough for the first few steps.

I really urge you to always come back here and ask whatever questions about AIX you might have - I'm here to assist you ... and I'm kind of an AIX addict.

Have fun!


RowleyAuthor Commented:
I have no ibm kit (asides from a distant cousin pc or a bunch of sparc kit), and zero budget. I do have a healthy curiosity and a little time. To put it more succinctly - where can I get this technology for nothing with no budget.
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RowleyAuthor Commented:
For sure, no confusion. Just wanted to try out the OS and learn a bit more. I suppose either I get a job where they have some of this kit...or I look at something else. I've mailed those guys in the link, i'll see what comes of it.

RowleyAuthor Commented:
Mailed those people at metamodul and they managed to provide me with a login!

Hey, great!
I'll bookmark this one - who knows?
Good learning!
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