Red Hat Directory Server (LDAP) Group Role Configuration

I need to set up authentication and authorization for a RHEL5.4 system of servers using Red Hat Directory Server 8.1. I have something of a clue of how to set it up, but don't have a clue as to how to set up authorization based on either groups or roles. I have the users, roles, servers enumerated, but don't know 1/ how to configure this, 2/ how to force the LDAP run time check on the client. I've searched but haven't seen really any useful documentation. I'm looking for pointers to good documentation, instructions, etc. Thanks in advance.
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     Go to the below links and make use of the resources available there

To configure a directory server:

To force your client machine to authenticate against LDAP:

Hope this helps
bighobAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. I have the RedHat docs. I had seen the yolinux site before, but had forgotten about it.
Another really good reference site is
It's not 100% fully populated, but the information is great.

I think I can do groups ok. There doesn't seem to be a good security authen/author
top-to-bottom document.
bighobAuthor Commented:
Going through the documentation will provide the answers. Was hoping for something more concrete, since I already had part of the documents suggested in hand.
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