Team Foundation Server: Customizing Work Item Workflow

We are using the agile process template of TFS 2008.

We have added a custom attribute to thework item type of Bug. The custom attribute is a list of values.

When a user checks in code and associate the check-in with a work item, they can choose a check-in action of 'Resolved'. If they do this, I want to update the custom attribute value to a specific value.

How do I accomplish that?
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Now, first of all.... are you familliar with transitions and states and the Process Editor?
The Process Editor comes along with the TFPT (Team Foundation Power Tools) and you can start it from the "Tools" menu of VisualStudio.

Have you already assigned the "Microsoft.VSTS.Actions.Checkin" action to a transition?

If so, then edit the transition by right click on "Open Details", switch to the "Fields" tab and select "new".
Choose the appropriate Field in the "RefName" dropdown and switch to the "Rules" tab.
Here you click "new" and choose the COPY Rule from the list.

After that you can define the value you like regarding my first comment.

the Check-in action only is assignable to transitions.
So the clue would be to edit the corresponding transition and change the fields value by defining a "copy" rule on a constant value (or if you like, from an other field)
shekhar_shashiAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response. Can you provide more  details?

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