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Reporting Services Multiple Report Data, Single Page


I am using MS Reporting Services and was wondering if there is a way to the following:

1.) For each data instance, report the data instance, but do it four times on one page.

For Example:

ID         Name             Price
1          Bolt                2.50
2          Screw           3.45
3          Nut                 1.00
4          Screw 2        3.00
5          Nail                 0.25

Desired Report Output in 4 sections per page:

Page 1
Name:          Bolt                                         Name:         Screw
Price:           2.50                                        Price:          3.45

Name:           Nut                                         Name: Screw 2
Price:            1.00                                       Price:   3.00

Page 2

Name:          Nail                                         Name:        
Price:           0.25                                        Price:          

Name:                                                         Name:
Price:                                                          Price:  

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1 Solution
vrmgrAuthor Commented:
This definitely helps.  I could see how using =Int(RowNumber(Nothing)-1) would print each line item page to page, however I am using 4 tables per page and this only works if I had one table on each page.

Alternatively, =Int(RowNumber(Nothing)-1 Mod 4) works, but that splits 4 line items per table, when I need one line item per table.

What I need is a combination of both if that makes sense.  So

Page 1
Table 1 would have data from line item 1 from my query
Table 2 would have data from line item 2 from my query
Table 3 would have data from line item 3 from my query
Table 4 would have data from line item 4 from my query

Page 2
Table 1 would have data from  line item 5 from my query
Table 2 would have data from  line item 6 from my query
Table 3 would have data from  line item 7 from my query
Table 4 would have data from  line item 8 from my query


Alfred A.Commented:
If you have 4 tables, you have four datasets, right?  If this is the case, what if you just create a Row Group for each part and set the page break of each based on the Int(RowNumber(Nothing)-1) for each?  Just an idea.
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vrmgrAuthor Commented:
I was trying to do it with 1 dataset and 4 datasets makes it easier.  Thanks Alfred that was the piece I was missing.

In the end what I ended up doing was creating two datasets specific to each table. Then for each table created a group with my "Group On:" expression = "=Int((RowNumber(Nothing)-1)/2)."  This allowed me to page break for every two entries per table.  

One other note of relevance, I created two procedures.  Both query the exact same data, however procedure 1 (Dataset1), reports only line items 1,3, 5, 7, 9, ... where procedure 2 (Dataset 2) reports only items 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ...  

Big help Alfred1 thanks again!

vrmgrAuthor Commented:
The solution 100% exact, but it gave me the tools to complete the task.
Alfred A.Commented:
No problem.  Glad to help!   :-)
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