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I am trying to set up Remote Desktop Web Access to publish a single application.  All is working well except for a small  problem.  After logging in, I can click on the application.  It allows my to accept the publisher of the remote app, but then tells me that the certificate on the remote server is not trusted.  (see attached image)

I have an ssl certificate now that will work, but I am not sure where to apply it or swap with my new one.

Can someone tell me how to reconfigure the remote host ssl cert?

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Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
You must select the certificate you want for the RDP-tcp listener. That is the issue.
Launch '‘Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration' and double click RDP-tcp. You will see on the window that pops up the place to select the certificate you want.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
In the RemoteApp Manager, do you have the Digital Signature Settings set up? There should be a green check mark next to the Signing As: (Server listed on cert). If it's a yellow shield, then click on Change next to the Digital Signature Settings header, and the click Change to find your cert.

Is it a self-signed cert? If it is, then that's where it's probably running into trouble. All you need to do is install the cert on your client machines under Trusted Root Authority Store, and it should take care of it. If you click on the View Certificate in that window, you should be able to do that from there.
lstankeAuthor Commented:
The .rdp file is digitally signed with a certificate.  It is not self signed.  

I dont believe this is the problem area.  I am presented with a window that acknowleges the publisher of the remoteapp and once I click to accept that the app can run locally I get this second pop up.

As it says, the cert is associated with the server and it gives me the full FQDN of the box that hosts the remoteapp.  This cert is self signed and I can see it under the Remote Desktop folder of my Certificates snap in.

This application will be used externally by my clients. So, I need to swap the self signed cert with a real trusted certificate. I am just not sure where it is that you do this.
Are these the instructions you're looking for?

You just need to install the new cert, correct? Or have you done that already and are still having issues?

lstankeAuthor Commented:
Thats it!  thanks
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