ESXI template workaround

Im running ESXI 4, free version. I want to create a fresh OS install and use it as a template; however, you cannot use templates on the free esxi version. What’s a workaround so I can use the one install as a template/clone/boiler plate ?
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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could create a basic VM, install all updates and "basic" software (A/V, Adobe...whatever your org's stipulations are), the 'convert' it using vCenter Converter Standalone ( to a storage location. If you need a VM, you can 'convert' it to wherever you need it --> ESX, ESXi, VMware Server, or VMware Workstation hosts, etc. That's about the best you can do with ESXi.

KratosDefenseAuthor Commented:
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