I want my space/ mobsters game/cash transfer script ?

what i am looking for is a transfer script that will allow me to transfer money from one mobster acct to another ..this is a game no real money is being transfer..thank you for your time …thanks..
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Doesn't matter if it's a game.  There are terms of service that prohibit it.


You agree that you will not:  

Cheat or use, develop or distribute automation software programs ("bots"), "macro" software programs or other "cheat utility" software program or applications which are designed to modify the Playdom experience to the detriment of fair play;

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
^^ That's the correct answer!
sa3qAuthor Commented:

hey  man that's not cheat i want to make transfer money from account to other account (this is in the game allowed)
but when i get millions of money ,transferring money in manual way take long time and boring the script do the transfer without boring .

that's all
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Scripting is automation.  Automation is prohibited.

That's all.
sa3qAuthor Commented:
i want that script can you provide me of it  or not
You won't get any help for that here.

Asking for (or providing) help to hack/crack or violate Terms of Use, etc. is prohibited on Experts Exchange.

In some jurisdictions, launching an automated script on a foreign system can be treated as a crime for unauthorized use of a computer system.  This could involve criminal charges, civil suit, or both.

There are a lot of professionals here at EE.  In my opinion, that's not the type of activity I want to support, nor be associated with.

There's always the "boring" way, by doing it manually.  If their system allows it, then that's your best option.
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