How is cricket similar to and different from baseball?

What are the similarities and differences between cricket and baseball?
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there are 3 types: test match, one day, and twenty20

the test match is the main type of cricket.

in cricket there is an oval feild, a batsman can hit the ball wherever he likes.

the battsman's area is on the pitch, which is about 22 metres long.  a bowler runs up and bowls the ball to a batsman, the batsman tries to hit it, if he misses, the ball is caught by a wicket keeper.

There are 11 feilders, which comprise of a bowler, a wicker keeper, and 9 other feilders spread around the feild at the feilding captians discretion (subject to feliding restrictions)

There are always 2 batsman on the feild at a time.  when a batsman gets out he is replaced by another.   the batting team has finished its innings when 10 of batsman get out.

see : for more info
Similarities: Bat and Ball and Players
Differences: Cricket makes you go to sleep faster than baseball.
SolidGoldAuthor Commented:

You've done an adequate job of describing cricket here, but have not identified similarities/differences to baseball. Here's your chance to compare the two before I close this question with a "B" grade.
HI SolidGold,

the following websites state some differences: - this one has a pretty good table comparison

also :

in cricket you can hit the ball in any direction, baseball only in a quadrant (plus foul territory).
In cricket you don't have to run if you hit the ball, in baseball you do have to run.

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Great stuff mangofour! Many thanks!
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