can i please get some help with a Bluescreen? 0x00000024

Hi Guys,

im working on a dell inspiron 6400 originally it had troble connecting to the internet. i figured out that an ancient copy of trend micro was to blame so i removed it. on the next restart i get a BSOD of 0x0000007b.  an unmountable boot device from wat google tells me. i fix it with a repair install of windows. after a few more restarts i start getting the following BSOD after the computer boots and sits on the desktop screen for a few seconds.

0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xF88FF954, 0xF88FFF650, 0xAA4561F2)

zqfojfdnsq5.sys Address AA4561F2 base at AA449000   Datestamp 4b4789ac

i dont know if its relevant but i used a trend micro uninstall tool to forcibly remove the password protected version of trend that i found

i really need some help sorting this out please.

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Can you get into safe mode and grab three recent minidumps files to upload here from

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beefstu123Author Commented:
here is everthing from the minidump folder
If you can into your computer long enough, I would recommend that you run a scan on your system for any types of infections which could be causing the BSOD.

I would suggest using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.
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beefstu123Author Commented:
it only stays on the desktop for a few seconds, i'll try it in safe mode though
What happens in safe mode with networking?
Search for the above zqfojfdnsq5.sys and delete it.
0x00000024 - Generally corresponds to bad mappings on your NTFS File System. This could have happened when you forcibly removed your Trend Micro.

I'll suggest what might be seem simple and stupid solution, but I've found it to work several times.

Reboot your computer, enter into Safe Mode with Command Prompt, then run the command chkdsk /r.

Can you do that?
beefstu123Author Commented:
safe mode behaves as normal, i'll look for the .sys file.

if thta doesn't work i'll run a chkdsk /r
beefstu123Author Commented:
found and deleted, restarting now
beefstu123Author Commented:
0x0000007e on restart.

chkdsk goin now
0x0000007(a-e) errors are often related to BIOS settings.

These are BIOS settings issues are fixed by entering into your BIOS during start-up and selecting "Default Configuration" from the menu, saving and exiting.

Also, future reference, deleting .dll files is a bad idea.

This .dll is actually a randomly named system dll that was probably linked to the injection of the Trend Micro Program into the base layer of the operating infrastructure on start up. Running chkdsk /r would realigned the hard drive call to the proper location, and you would have been on your merry way. If you want to tinker with the .dll files, simply create a new folder called "moved dll" (or something) in your folder and move the .dll there. This accomplishes a similar action to Quarantining the file.
beefstu123Author Commented:

@ ok123jump

thanks for the comment :)  

i havent made comment regarding any .dll files just .sys files   did u mean .sys or are sys and dll related?


now the BSOD is for ftdisk.sys    am i just gonna keep gettin a BSOD no matter wat delete?? lol
Can you upload the minidump files again?
beefstu123Author Commented:
u can still get them up top, second post
Most recent version please. I need information on the latest crash.
safe mode still ok?
beefstu123Author Commented:
sorry for the late reply

no, safe mode is not ok, so i cant upload those recent minidumps :(  sorry

chkdsk hasnt worked so im doin a full repair, i'll see how that goes
beefstu123Author Commented:
format reinstall....done.
Too bad it had to come to that. In the future, before deleting a .sys file you should find and remove references to it in the registry using regedit.
beefstu123Author Commented:
had to format reinstall. my advice: be very careful when forcibly uninstalling programs
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